Peak Season is the best time to get your siding or windows replaced

siding or windows replacedIs the best time to get your siding or windows replaced really peak season?

It seems like off-season would be a better time to get better pricing for siding and window replacement. Why would peak season be better? During the off season the contractors are not as busy and should be able to better price a project, and should have more time for scheduling a project.

Pacific Exteriors NW explains this seemingly counterintuitive statement.

During peak construction seasons – like May through September for Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington – contractors are ordering supplies in high quantities. Because of the higher volume they get better material pricing and can pass that savings onto the homeowner. Pacific Exteriors NW does pass the savings along. If you are thinking about getting your siding or windows replaced then getting on the schedule now (even if the work is done next spring) then the materials can be ordered before material costs rise.

Typically material suppliers raise the price of materials going into the fall and winter.  So even if it is a down time for contractors to actually do your project, they will be paying higher prices for the materials which will increase the overall cost of the project.

Knowing the rainy season is quickly approaching, now is the time to order your materials. We understand how to weatherproof your home to withstand all the harsh, wet weather that is coming our way. We are the leading Portland siding contractors and will take care of your home as if it was our home.

Get your project scheduled now and take advantage of high volume material pricing to save you money on your near future siding or window replacement project.

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