Siding Rot has One Main Cause

Siding Rot RepairWater intrusion! 

Most siding rot and damage is from improper installation of your siding, windows, doors, gutters, or roof. When any one of these things were not installed properly, water will eventually become an issue.

Installing windows and doors with the proper flashing is so important. Making sure water does not have a way past your windows can be the difference between dry rot or not.

Once water finds a way in, it is just a matter of time before the damage starts. The longer it goes undetected or not repaired, the deeper the damage becomes. It is like a cavity in a tooth. If you can catch it quickly the filling is small and relatively inexpensive. The longer you delay, the deeper the cavity, to more expensive the repair.

Another source of water intrusion can be leaking pipes, frozen water valves on the outside of your home or building, or excessive rain coming into your home.

How to find dry rot

Knowing that there is damage is not an easy thing. If you wait until you see the signs:

  • Soft siding
  • Water inside your home or building around the windows
  • Water dripping from your ceilings
  • Dampness around your doors

then the cost for repair is usually higher. It is not only finding where the water is intruding but replacing all the damaged pieces. For water leaking behind a window, this could mean replacing the window, replacing the wood framing holding the window, replacing the studs in that area, replacing your insulation, and replacing the affected siding.

Pacific Exteriors NW has a thermal imaging tool that can find water behind the siding. It can detect water in places that people cannot see, allowing for quicker detection of future problems. This is the best way to find rot behind your siding.