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Siding Installation and Replacement ContractorPacific Exteriors NW is the leading Portland siding replacement contractor and offers many different exterior siding options for our clients here in the greater Portland and Vancouver metro areas. Pacific Exteriors NW is a trusted and reputable commercial siding contractor and siding company. We specialize in siding replacement and commercial siding repair. We can solve all your siding problems!

How do I know if my siding needs replacing?

From rotting and defective LP siding, CertainTeed Fiber Cement Weatherboards, Masonite siding, Omni Wood siding, Weyerhaeuser siding, EIFS stucco siding and DryVit stucco siding, to old cedar or T-1-11 or even James HardiePlank. Most siding problems are because it was installed incorrectly.

You can trust Pacific Exteriors NW to properly handle your siding project. We can solve all your siding problems – both residential and commercial! Our preferred siding materials and product lines will increase the value of your home, and update or change the architectural design and appearance of the exterior cladding on your home.

Siding protects your home from nature’s elements, so the type of siding you select is an important decision. This is especially critical here in our wet climate in the greater Portland, and Vancouver areas.

Pacific Exteriors NW also offers and integrates insulation components with our different siding systems for added R value to help with energy costs and noise reduction. Your new siding should complement your home or commercial building, and work in all seasons, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter without compromising the structure of the home from moisture or lack of permeability.

Pacific Exteriors NW’ friendly staff will gladly show you the different types of home siding materials which are very diverse, from fiber-cement, wood, vinyl, acrylic, masonry, stone or brickworkSiding Repair and Replacement with each offering unique aesthetic appeal for homes of all styles and ages.

Siding Repair and Replacement Services:     

  • Home Siding Repair and Replacement
  • Commercial Building Siding Repair and Replacement
  • Multifamily Siding Repair and Replacement
  • Condominiums Siding Repair and Replacement
  • Apartment Siding Repair and Replacement
  • Hotels Siding Repair and Replacement
  • Apartment Rehab Contractor
  • Siding Removal and Replacement
  • New Siding Installation
  • Damaged Siding Repair Experts
  • Dry Rot Siding Repair Experts
  • Siding Problems Experts
  • Exterior Building Envelope Repair

Types of Siding we offer for the Portland and Vancouver areas:

Pacific Exteriors NW recommends James Hardie Siding

Elite SilverAs your Portland siding replacement and siding repair contractor, for home siding or multifamily and commercial applications, Pacific Exteriors NW recommends James Hardie® siding, such as HardiePlank® fiber cement siding, Pre Painted siding, Plank Artisan and Reveal siding.

Here in the greater Portland metro and surrounding areas, siding problems are common, and choice of siding material and proper waterproofing methods to eliminate moisture intrusion are serious considerations for any homeowner. Pacific Exteriors NW provides and installs only the most proven and the highest quality exterior cladding siding materials for protection of the exterior envelope.

Siding Replacement Contractor

Pacific Exteriors NW is a local siding contractor that also specializes in defective LP (Louisiana Pacific) siding replacement, synthetic Portland Stucco EIFS siding and DRYVIT siding removal and replacement.

Pacific Exteriors NW is proud to be partnered with James Hardie and Hardie Plank siding, fiber cement siding, Hardie Plank, sometimes misspelled (HardiPlank), or (HardyPlank), comes in different styles and options for any age or design of home or apartment or multifamily property. Pacific Exteriors NW can special order any style of Hardie Plank siding you want. Hardie Plank is pre primed with a proprietary premium seal, and can then be field painted, or for our Portland, OR siding customers we recommend the factory pre-colored prepainted ColorPlus system. Pacific Exteriors NW only installs the James Hardie HZ10 climate engineered siding.

Our vinyl siding is a superior product to the vinyl siding that was used in the past. We can reside your home or commercial building with new vinyl siding, but we cannot repair your current siding as that product is likely no longer on the market.

We understand siding challenges in our wet climate. We are the leading Portland siding contractors for wet climate and weatherproofing your home.

Do you have a Siding, Windows, Roofing, Decking, or Waterproofing Project we can help with?

Siding Replacement and Siding Installation Gallery

Siding Replacement and Siding Installation

Siding Replacement and Siding Repair Contractor

Being a local Portland, Oregon siding replacement contractor for the Portland PDX and Vancouver areas, we can offer absolutely any and all styles of exterior cladding material options. Pacific Exteriors NW will help you select the right style, trim, accents, style of Hardie Plank siding for you and your home regardless the homes age.

Pacific Exteriors NW does offer many other types of siding, however for Portland market Hardie Plank is by far the most common. (Our HardiePlank webpage has more information).

What about waterproofing?

We specialize in siding replacement and include our premium weatherization package that entails a special customized water membrane flashing system from moisture barrier to windows, doors, corners, along with the sealing and caulking of all framework. This special waterproofing system will protect your homes exterior building envelope from moisture intrusion, thereby protecting your biggest investment. All products we use and implement are the highest quality available, documented and rated by numerous industry trade publications.

Pacific Exteriors NW process is strictly implemented to correct and eliminate the Portland construction defect repair issues so many owners are currently dealing with. Pacific Exteriors NW objective is to ensure your siding installation exceeds code compliance, warranty coverage and protection from moisture intrusion.

Siding Installation and Repair

Solving your Siding Problems!

Experienced since 1994, known as the trusted and reputable Portland siding contractor, Pacific Exteriors NW has assisted and helped many homeowners, community management groups, property management firms, HOA boards, and committees.  Our speciality is siding repair, removal and replacement, installing home siding on residential homes, multi-family units such as townhomes, condominiums, and apartment buildings.

Pacific Exteriors NW works with many different architectural waterproofing firms, as well as numerous attorneys specializing in building defects, construction defects, and proper building envelope investigation and measures for protection.

Due to the large building boom the Pacific Northwest and especially the Portland metro area has seen over the past 15 years, construction defect and water intrusion has become an increasingly large problem. Leaking windows and doors, siding installed without a moisture barrier, high moisture content in the walls, dry rot evident, flashing omitted in critical detail areas are just some of the common construction defects. As a local Portland Or siding contractor, Pacific Exteriors NW has worked with many owners with improperly installed siding or construction defects. Warranty claims, forensic investigation measures, inspections, and non-invasive or destructive testing on the exterior cladding and wall assembly are all aspects Pacific Exteriors NW provides and can help assist with in the remediation of construction defect and building flaws.

Pacific Exteriors NW trained professional staff is extremely knowledgeable working with siding options for homes of all different architectural styles, exterior claddings and trim, and recladding older Portland historic or modern day age considerations for home siding and siding problems.

To see some of the siding project we have completed please visit our blog.

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