Will Insurance Pay for Siding Damage?

Insurance pay for Siding Damage, Leaking Windows

Insurance pay for siding damagePacific Exteriors NW has been dealing with siding, widows, dry rot, and other exterior building damages for over 25 years in the Pacific Northwest.

Typically insurance companies do not cover damages to siding from a leaking window. They usually hold the building contractor responsible and expect them to pay for any damages to your home caused by faulty installation of doors, windows, or siding.

What are the Insurance Limitations for Contractors?

In Oregon a contractors insurance will pay up to 10 years of the date the building or home was finished. In Washington it is within 6 years of the homes completion. Unfortunately most damages like these are not found within the 6 to 10 year limitations. This leaves the home owner covering the costs for faulty window, door, or siding installation.  Even though all legitimate building contractors are bonded and insured, they do not tell you the limitations of the insurance.

When having a home built the new homeowner should always have the home inspected upon completion to insure that the home was built up to code in all areas. The code inspectors for the various trades is not enough. They are looking for specific electrical or plumbing code violations, which are good to have found. But the exterior of your home is never inspected and needs to be to insure proper waterproofing methods were used during the construction of your home.

Is there typically damage behind siding?

Learn how to deal with insurance claims

This is what you can avoid by using a certified siding contractor that has over 25 years experience. Pacific Exteriors NW is not going to disappear, we are going to use the correct installation materials, and we stand behind our work.