Building Inspections

Building Inspections Before You Buy

We specialize in inspecting large commercial properties like apartment complexes before an ownership group makes a purchase. These building inspections typically take one to two hours but are well worth the time and investment. We do an extensive visual assessment as well as using forensic thermal imagery to let potential buyers know what they may be up against before buying a property. The time and monetary investment depends on how in-depth the potential owner(s) want us to get in our inspection.

High Tech Inspections

Buildings may be quickly and thoroughly scanned using a thermal imaging camera to identify problem areas that can’t be seen by the naked eye. The imagers detect condensation, mold, decay and long-time construction damages that the owner selling the property may have simply painted over or otherwise made undetectable visually. This way the building looks like it has been well maintained but actually may be rotting underneath the cosmetic repairs. The presence of moisture in a building’s structure, either from leakage or condensation, can have serious, and expensive, consequences. With infrared images, water damage is easily detected, and the extent of damage can be visually determined and confirmed.

Without a pre-purchase building inspection, the new owner could suddenly find themselves with a $5 million repair bill once they notice the windows are starting to leak. Even worse, when the owner files a claim with their property insurance company, they may find their insurance does not cover existing water damage, leaving the ownership group with the entire cost of repairs. If the group knows of water damage issues before the purchase, any necessary repairs can be factored into the price of the sale, or the potential buyer can simply decide the property isn’t a sound investment.