Thermal Imagery as a tool

Thermal Imagery

Pacific Exteriors NW uses a Thermal camera to detect water intrusion and water damage, as well as lack of insulation issues. We can find things like:Calibration Certificate

  • Blockages in pipes
  • Residential heat loss
  • Missing insulation in your roof or rafters
  • Cold air return
  • Water damage
  • Ceiling leaks
  • Uninsulated stud bays
  • Circuit breaker problems
  • Loose HVAC junctions

Pacific Exteriors NW is certified in using the Thermal Imaging camera. We have taken the classes to know how to  interpret the images to know what is causing the  heat loss or water damage source. Other companies may not have taken the classes to become certified. We are truly the difference in the industry.

Schedule a time for us to come out and check your multifamily building, residential home, townhome, condo, or commercial building. We can pointion your problem and find a solution to take care of it.