Is just your siding damaged?

Just siding or windows too?

Siding damage

Siding Damage from a leaking window

Pacific Exteriors NW was recently hired to replace cedar siding on a home. The home had siding damage. We were hired for siding only, and quoted to project as siding only for replacement. The home owner did not want to get the house completely inspected first, they just wanted the siding replaced.

Had the home owner paid for a complete inspection of the home’s exterior, using thermal imaging, the existing dry rot would have been found and priced in the project quote.

Siding does not usually become damaged just from age. There are usually other factors involved – like water damage from leaking windows or doors.

The windows of this home had been improperly installed and they have been leaking for quite some time. The dry rot damage was extensive. Some of the home’s wood needed to be replaced as well as all the windows on the home. There is no point in replacing siding when the cause of the problem is not also fixed.

This home owner had to pay a substantial amount over what was planned for, simply because the windows were installed incorrectly many years ago. Had they had the exterior envelope inspected prior to purchasing the home then the cost could have been figured into the sale price of the home or they might have decided against the purchase all together.

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Now they are stuck with fixing the problems created by a window installer that did not know what they were doing when they installed the widows. Do you want to be in this position as well?