Multi Family Housing Siding Issues

Hiring a Professional to Inspect Your Multi Family Housing Building’s Exterior

Multi Family Housing Dry RotIf you are looking to purchase an Apartment Building or any other kind of Multi Family Housing then getting the exterior envelope of your potential new building inspected can save you a ton of money. A forensic exterior envelope inspection can see and find many types of damage prior to you becoming the owner.

Pacific Exteriors NW recently inspected this building for an Investment Group considering purchasing it. We found that the previous owners had covered up existing dry rot damage so the exterior of the building “looked” perfect. However it was a mixture of LP siding and James Hardie siding which is not usually done.

We were able to use thermal imaging and found potential areas of damage. Once opening up the siding we found extensive dry rot that had been there for years.  Not only was the siding damaged but the supporting wood of the building itself was damaged in areas.

Now there is safety issues with the building that needs to be repaired.

As a new owner of an apartment building would you like to pay to have extensive damage fixed – or would you like to buy a building that is solid with no existing damage?

Getting your potential purchase inspected by a forensic building inspection company, like Pacific Exteriors NW can save you thousands of dollars. It might even deter you from a specific purchase or it could give you peace of mind that you are making a great purchase.

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