Do you even know if your windows are leaking?

Window leakingIf you see moisture inside your windows or on the window sill, it is obvious your windows are leaking. But what if the leak does not come through to the inside of your home? What if it is inside the wall? Imagine the damage that can be done before you ever notice.

Water can get soaked up by insulation and held for a very long time. This is a huge cause of dry rot inside your home’s walls.

Often when we are hired to replace older windows, once the window is removed and the interior of the window framing is exposed, the dry rot damage can be seen. It is easy to prevent this damage prior to it every happening, but your windows need to be properly installed and waterproofed.

This is where Pacific Exteriors NW shines! We are the premier waterproofing experts in the greater Portland and Vancouver metro areas. We have waterproofed thousands of homes and have the experience to help you with your home. We have the tools to determine if your current windows are leaking and how extensive the damage is already. We can help you lay out a plan to get all the damage fixed and keep it from ever happening again.

Does window efficiency really matter?

Pacific Exteriors NW is not going to disappear, we are going to use the correct installation materials, and we stand behind our work.