What is Forensic Thermal Imagery?

How can Forensic thermal Imagery help me?

Forensic Thermal ImageryPacific Exteriors NW uses a really cool tool called Forensic Thermal Imagery to take photos of the exterior of your home during a forensic exterior inspection. Although it will not actually “see” water intrusion, dry rot, or other unforeseen damages, it will see heat variances in your home or building.

What does heat variance mean?

When we see a difference in the temperature of your home or building, there is an issue. Depending on where the variances occur the type if damage can be inferred. For example, if the area around a window is cooler then there is likely water being trapped causing the coolness. The same for areas around the doors.

Hot spots might indicate heat leaking out of the home or building for reasons that might be related to damages. It could also be poorly insulated, unevenly insulated, or dry rot is making the area lose heat.

Pacific Exteriors NW like to rely on technology and tools to get a better idea of what is under your siding, before it is removed. This leads to a more accurate cost estimate and happier customers!