Unforeseen Damages – Water Intrusion

How to Control Unforeseen Damages

Unforeseen DamagesPacific Exteriors NW has been quoting home and commercial building siding and window projects for over 25 years in the Pacific Northwest. There are always some unforeseen damages that need to be fixed during any exterior project.  it rains here in the Portland Oregon and Vancouver WA for about 9 months out of every year. Water intrusion is a given, but it can be controlled by proper waterproofing techniques during construction.

Pacific Exteriors NW tries very hard to find where unforeseen damages might be on your specific home or multi family building. We are an honest contractor and do not like telling homeowners or property investors that there is significantly more damage then estimated.

How we handle unforeseen damages

Typically we will include a percentage of the whole project as a cost for what might be found that needs to be repaired or replaced. For example on an apartment building there might be a million dollars in siding replacement. We will include 200 thousand as an amount to hold aside for unforeseen damages. If nothing is found then the owners do not pay that amount. If damages are found then the 200 thousand will hopefully cover the additional materials and installation costs. If not we have to go back to the owners and renegotiate the price for the whole project.

We do not like surprises any more than an owner does. For this reason alone we are very thorough with estimating costs so there are no huge “oh my god” moments.

Just siding damages?

This is what you can avoid by using a certified siding contractor that has over 25 years experience. Pacific Exteriors NW is not going to disappear, we are going to use the correct installation materials, and we stand behind our work.