Siding Historical Homes in Portland Oregon

Things to consider when siding an historical home

Siding: Historical Homes Portland Oregon

Historical home in Portland Oregon: Bradley House

Portland Oregon has many historical homes and buildings. These homes require special care and a contractor is needed that has experience in historical homes. Here are some things that you should avoid for your beautiful home:

  • Putting vinyl siding over your existing wood siding. Here is the problem, over time water will get under your vinyl siding and you will never know it. The vinyl adds a vapor barrier and does not allow your home to breath. The moisture gets trapped behind the vinyl causing the original wood siding to rot. This is also a haven for termites.
  • Aluminum siding: Not only is this not historically accurate it dents very easily. The bottom 3 feet of aluminum siding will be dented in the first year from your lawn mower and weed eater. Not a good option.

There is one option I would recommend for your historical home (aside from historically correct materials) and that is James Hardie siding products. These are quality siding materials that will still allow your home to breath and not cause rot or encourage termites or any other insects.

Siding Materials to Use

The best siding materials to use are the ones that were available in the time period of your historical home. One of those materials is cedar.

Cedar siding and shingles are extremely long lasting and resistant to rot and insects. If you can find old growth cedar it is more historically accurate. When properly installed and cared for they will protect your house for well over a century. Problems show up when the siding is installed incorrectly or not maintained. Here are some helpful hints when it comes to cedar siding.

  • Always leave at least a 3/4″ gap between siding and roofing materials to prevent rot. This allows the moisture to escape.
  • Always prime the ends of boards with an oil-based primer before installing.
  • Follow the very specific nailing processes using only the approved nail types for your type of siding. Pacific Exteriors NW knows how to install cedar siding correctly.
  • Always caulk siding/trim joints.
  • Inspect your siding at least once a year and touch up any chipped or missing paint.
  • Repaint your house as needed to maintain your siding.
  • Prime the back of any siding with oil-based primer prior to installing for added protection. That way if there is a leak or moisture build-up behind the siding, it is still protected.

There is no such thing as no maintenance. Historical homes (all homes) require upkeep annually. Pacific Exteriors NW is here to help you maintain, repair, or replace your siding when needed.

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