Free Exterior Home Inspection

Was your home built in the past 10-15 years?

Water Damage Services Pacific Exteriors NWMany homes have exterior building defects that an ordinary homeowner is unaware of.  These defects can be very expensive to repair. A homeowner has the right to compel the contractors which built your home to pay for these repairs if the homeowner makes a timely claim.

Pacific Exteriors NW will perform a free visual inspection of the exterior of your home to help you discover whether your home has material and building defects. With that knowledge, and understanding time of build, a homeowner has the option to make a timely claim against the contractors responsible for the building defects. If the 10 year timeline has passed,  then the homeowner needs to correct the issues.

Common signs are windows or doors leaking water, siding cracking and the joints, exterior trim rotting, and large areas of paint discoloration due to water intrusion in the wall.

Pacific Exteriors NW is offering a FREE visual inspection of the exterior of your home. Siding | Trim | Windows | Doors | Roofing | Venting | Decking | Stone | Brick

We can help you get the contractor responsible for building your home to fix the construction defects. Call us today for an appointment: 503-953-0419