What is the difference between an Architectural Inspection and a Home Inspection?

Home InspectionA Home Inspector has a standard check list where they are looking for things like:

  • Does the AC and Heat Pump work?
  • Is the foundation cracked?
  • What is the condition of the roof?
  • Do all the electrical outlets work?
  • Is the Electrical panel up to date?

They are basically looking at the conditions of all the systems of the home.

Pacific Exteriors NW can provide and Architectural Inspection on the building envelope. We can tell you how your home was constructed.

  • How the siding was applied
  • How the windows were installed
  • Is your home properly waterproofed?
  • Are the windows properly flashed?
  • Are the windows and doors properly sealed?
  • Was the roof installed correctly?
  • How is the water management ion the home? Is the water being vacated away from the home or is it getting trapped inside the home?

Typically home owners call us after they have a problem with water intrusion or dry rot. We can fix the damage – but it is better to find the issues before your home is damaged. It is cheaper to prevent the damage then to fix it later.

Learn why you want to get an architectural inspection.