Pacific Exteriors NW Outstanding Warranty

Our warranty policy: 10 Year WarrantyOur warranty policy is simple; we offer a minimum ten-year warranty on every project and in some cases, we offer a lifetime warranty. If the property is sold, the warranty transfers to the new owner(s). Other companies may talk about their “big” warranty, even though it is for one year.

We want owners to call us if there’s a problem. We know we use quality materials and have high-quality standards. We don’t want to  hear about a problem through a third party like an architect, or an inspector. If there is any issues with the construction on one of our projects come to us directly and we will get it fixed.

State Warranties

It’s important for property owners to know that in Washington state, any contractor and any work is by law warrantied for six years. Oregon does not require a specific time for warranty protection, but a typical new home warranty protects against structural defects for five to ten years and promises to repair or replace major systems for one to two years (warranty information source).

You also have a ten year right or Decision of Repose to go back to a builder or contractor and give them the opportunity to fix problems with their work. The company can choose to not to fix problems, saying that it’s out of warranty. However, that puts the builder or contractor in a very vulnerable position legally because in a court of law, and what any good attorney will do, is refer to the absolute statue of a six-year warranty in Washington. Once the issue is put to the courts, the company may suddenly find they may be liable for court fees as well repairs. We can help with construction defect lawsuits. Our warranty policy beats the State of Washington’s mandated warranty time.

Our ten-year warranty goes above and beyond what Oregon mandates and even the six-year term in Washington state. It also means the owner doesn’t have to worry about having to resort to a Decision of Repose because our warranty exceeds those standards as well.

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