Hiring a Siding Contractor

Multifamily and Commercial WaterproofingSiding you home is a big decision that you will live with for the life of that siding – good or bad. Be sure to hire a siding contractor that will use the proper installation techniques and materials. Find one certified for the type of siding you are installing, and one that wont cut corners.

Pacific Exteriors NW is the siding contractor in Portland Oregon metro area that knows the proper way to side your home. They won’t cut corners and use materials that are not meant to be used to install your siding.

Here is an example of a poorly sided home. This is vinyl siding over the original wood siding. The house was wrapped in vinyl. The installers used nails to hold up the siding, not screws. Now the siding is falling down. The temperature variances from winter to summer have caused the nails to fall out. If screws were used instead they would have held. Now this homeowner gets to pay for a siding contractor to come out and fix the siding because the initial installers are no longer in business.

Do you have an historical home that needs siding?

This is what you can avoid by using a certified siding contractor that has over 25 years experience. Pacific Exteriors NW is not going to disappear, we are going to use the correct installation materials, and we stand behind our work.

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