Do you even know if there is siding damage?

Siding DamageBuying a home is the biggest investment most families will ever make. If you are not an expert in construction or evaluating conditions of homes then hiring one will help you to make the right decision when purchasing.

Knowing if there are existing damage that need repaired before purchasing a new home can be a huge weight off your mind. Is your family going to be safe in your new home – or is there mildew and mold issues caused by water trapped under the siding?

Some siding damage is easy to see – siding falling off, siding gaps, and seams in the siding showing. Other siding damage takes an expert to fine. This is the damage that happens behind the surface of the siding. Water can get trapped behind the siding causing dry rot and mold to happen that is unseen from the outside. This is the damage that needs to be found.

Whose responsibility is it to repair siding damage?

If the siding damages are found after you complete the home purchase then they are your responsibility to repair. If the siding damage, window damage, or water damage is found during the home purchase transaction then the cost of repair can be taken out of the sellers price of the home. This way the home is fixed with money form the sell of the home and the new buyers are not paying to fix damages caused before they purchased the home.

How can siding damage be found?

Pacific Exteriors NW can inspect the outside envelope of your potential new home and let you know if there are any siding damage, window issues, or existing water damage. We will even help you negotiate a fair price for the home taking into consideration the cost of repairs that will be needed. We can get paid out of an escrow account so that the home transaction can go through without any hangups.