Leaking Window

Dry Rot caused by a Leaking Window

Why inspect your windows for leaking?

Leaking windows is the leading cause of dry rot inside your window sills. Leaking windows can rot the siding of your home as water can get trapped as well as get into the inside of your home with water causing mildew, which is harmful to your health.

If there is dry rot on the window trim then there is an issue with water getting behind the siding. When water gets behind the siding it will get trapped and soak into the wood of your home. Since it cannot dry out, it starts to rot the wood. Soft wood also attracts insects which causes the wood to rot and deteriorate quicker. If this is caught early then minor damages can be repaired fairly economically. If it is caught after some time has passed then the repairs will be way more extensive and costly.

You may not see evidence of your windows leaking inside your home for several years. Trained professionals can find leaking windows much quicker and save the homeowner thousands of dollars in repairs. The quicker a problem is found the least amount of damage is needing to be fixed.

Pacific Exteriors NW will come out to your home or commercial building to inspect all your windows, window sills, and window trim for water damage, evidence of leaking, and evidence of dry rot. We can  give you an estimate to repair the damage, or give you peace of mind that there is no damage.

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