Why Pay for an Architectural Inspection When Purchasing a Home?

Isn’t a Home Inspection good enough?

 Architectural InspectionThe quick answer is no – a home inspection is not good enough. Home inspectors are usually recommended by your Realtor and they have a vested interest in getting you to buy the home. They do not want the deal to fall through because of the condition of the home. If the home inspector calls out too many items then that Realtor may not use them again.

Your best interests are served by getting a neutral third party to inspect your potential new home. Home Inspectors go through a checklist of items and check to see if they are functioning properly. These are items like your heating and cooling system, your electrical system, your roof, if the home needs paint, and other basic items. They are not trained to determine if your home was constructed correctly using proper materials and installation techniques.

Get an Architectural Inspection!

The best way to protect your biggest investment is to find all the problems before purchasing. The only way to do that is to have the exterior envelope of your potential home inspected by a trained professional. Pacific Exteriors NW  is trained to find all the dry rot and water intrusion that has happened the building in the past. We know what building material should have been used, and which ones are bad in our wet climate. We can tell if there is rot behind your windows, doors, and siding. We can give you the full picture of the condition of your potential building.

Pacific Exteriors NW has a certified Drone pilot on staff. We can use our drone to get a better exterior inspection.

This gives your bargaining power during the negotiation of the purchase of the home.

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