Do you even know?

How can you tell when Your siding fails?

Failing Siding

Damaged Siding has been removed

Pacific Exteriors NW are experts in evaluating siding. We can tell you if it has failed, where it has failed, and how to get it fixed. Some of the siding damages we have worked  with are:

Why is siding failing so important?

The siding of your home is the first line of defense against water damage and water intrusion. Simple siding maintenance can make your siding last longer – things like painting when needed and making minor repairs as they come up. Once water seeps into the siding things like dry rot tend to occur. This weakens the structure of the siding and also allows your home to be an easy target for wood consuming bugs like carpenter ants.

What causes siding to fail?

There are two big things that damage your siding – improper installation and failing windows allowing water to seep behind the siding. Both of these are not obvious to the average person. They need an expert in building construction to find early. The goal is to find where water can get behind the siding early enough that no real damage has been done. Unfortunately that is the unusual case. Most of the time the siding failure happened some time in the past and the damage has already been done to your home. This is when Pacific Exteriors NW can come in and evaluate the failing siding and give an estimate of cost to repair before the damages grow.

Siding is your number 1 investment.