Siding is Number One Investment

For single family residential homes, Consumer Reports rated siding as the number one investment made in your home. Replacing outdated siding with new eco friendly and energy smart products will increase the value of your home more than other updates that can be done to your home.

Why is Siding number one investment?

Siding is Number One InvestmentWhen comparing all the updates that can be done to a home, siding replacement was the number one for a few reasons:

  • Changes the outside look
  • Updates or modernizes the look
  • Better materials available for energy efficiency
  • James Hardieplank is most common new material
  • Eco friendly, green building materials
  • Insect and wood boring pest resistant (sidings are now made from cement)
  • Class A fire rating
  • 30 year warranty

How much does updating the siding improve the value?

Studies have shown that the value of your home with new siding will go up 10%.  For example if your home is worth $400 thousand the cost of replacing the siding will be around $20 – $30 thousand and the overall value of the home will be $440 thousand. The value has risen more than the cost investment to replace your siding.  Your home will also be more energy efficient saving overall energy costs throughout the year.

Wet climate in the Portland area and siding

Pacific Exteriors NW is the leading Portland siding contractor for a very good reason.  We understand what it takes to completely waterproof your home in our wet environment. If your home was sided before cement siding was used then replacing the old wood siding will not only increase the value of your home but it will also increase the energy efficiency of your home. Let us help you to waterproof your home.