Dry Rot Repair

Dry Rot found behind siding

What is Dry Rot?

Dry rot is caused by water getting behind siding, windows, window trim, etc. When water gets trapped it will soak into the wood and cause rot to happen.  Once rot starts it is an invitation for insects to move in as well – causing more damage to the wood of your home.

Where is Dry Rot found?

Dry rot is typically on the siding or behind the siding – especially near windows. Anywhere that water can enter the wall assembly is a potential place for dry rot. This is typically around windows, doors, blocking (anything added to the outside of the house like electrical) vents, etc. Anything that penetrates the siding surface is a place that water can find a way in. Once water finds its way behind your siding – rot will begin to happen.

Pacific Exteriors NW are experts in finding and fixing all the places that water can penetrate your home. We can examine your home and let you know where water has already done damage, as well as find ways to prevent future dames of your home by water leaking behind your siding.

Dry rot is a huge problem in the Pacific Northwest. We have a very damp climate 9 months out of the year. Summer is  the best time to have your home inspected for dry rot damage. It is also the best time to get any existing damage repaired before it becomes worse during the upcoming wet season.