Is there a right or wrong way to fix waterproofing issues?

Water IntrusionThat is a great question. Yes there are many ways to correct water intrusion in your home. Some contractors will simply replace a window or door when it is leaking. They do not look any further to see if there is more damage. That thought process will temporarily fix the problem of the window or door leaking, but it wont address the entire issue. Also if the new window is not installed properly the leaking will return over time.

When Pacific Exteriors NW is called to fix a water intrusion issue in any home, we take great care in diagnosing the entire problem. We use thermal imaging to “see” inside the wall and determine if there is existing water damage beyond just the window. If there is that issue needs to be fixed as well as the leaking window. If it is left unrepaired the home will start to deteriorate.

This is also a great time to upgrade your insulation for a more energy efficient home. It is also the time to address siding issues and any other issues inside the wall, since it needs to be opened up to fix the water intrusion problem.

Although fixing all the water issues – dry rot, leaking window or door, and any other factors caused by water – can be more expensive than simply replacing a window,  getting the repair done correctly the first time will save you money over time.

Are you buying a home or building with siding damage?

Pacific Exteriors NW is not going to disappear, we have been serving the Portland and Vancouver areas for many years. We are going to use the correct installation materials, and we stand behind our work.