What is more important – quality of window or installation?

Window EfficiencyThis is the time of year that homeowners are finding out that their windows leak. As the moisture moves in your windows will either work or fail.

Purchasing high quality, energy efficient windows will help your energy consumption. Most of these windows also look great and have all the modern features. The more you spend on a window will get you higher energy efficiency – but the ability for that window to keep out water has to do with the installation – not the window itself.

Contractors can mistakenly measure the window opening when ordering – or they might have the homeowner measure for them. If the measurement is off then when the window gets installed shims will need to be used.  Using shims allows air to pass through which will take away the efficiency of the window and the savings you expected to gain from purchasing high efficiency windows.

During the winter months check your windows. Are they colder than expected? Has the caulking cracked? Is the window insulated properly? Colder temperatures are a great indicator of a quality window and quality window installation.

If your home has air leaks around the windows or doors – it is likely shims were used during installation. If that is the case it does not matter how expensive your window was since the efficiency factor just went out the window.

Are your windows leaking?

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