Apartment and Commercial Building Vinyl Windows

Vinyl Windows Apartment WindowsIn commercial buildings, it’s important to make sure the windows are properly installed and sealed. New vinyl windows provide much better energy efficiency, lower costs on heating and cooling and increase noise reduction.

Vinyl windows came out around 1992 and are a lot better quality than the old aluminum frame or wood frame windows. Around 2007, vinyl windows became a much higher-end product compared to earlier ones. This means if you’ve got vinyl windows that were manufactured in the 90s they’re probably not very efficient anymore.

New vinyl windows typically pay for themselves within two to four years in a commercial building. They also cut employee costs by 30%. In addition, if the building has siding, Pacific Exteriors NW waterproofs and insulates around the window to make sure windows are not going to have leaks, water intrusion, water damage, dry rot, or any other damaging factors.

This time of year, the rains have started. It’s a good time for owners of commercial buildings to really inspect their buildings. Owners may start noticing window leaks or air coming in around the window frame and hopefully, they can get in front of any necessary repairs.

Do you know if your windows are leaking?

Commercial Building Maintenance Schedules

We also provide maintenance. We go through and do due diligence, which we call “reserve studies” and we let owners know the maintenance status of their building. The windows might be good for the next five to ten years, which is great news for the owner. If necessary, we also let them know what repairs or replacements are necessary and what the time frame is for getting them done. It gives the owner some perspective, so they can plan and budget on what needs to be done now and what may need to be done in the upcoming few years.

Learn when is the best time to get your siding or windows replaced.