Are gutters important?

Are gutters importantGutters are the first line of defense against water intrusion for your home. They wisk water off your roof and away from the siding of your home.

As a homeowner be sure to inspect your gutters in the fall. Make sure they are not full of leaves or other tree debris. Cleaning your gutters regularly can keep your home from having water damage.

When having new gutters installed be sure to use a reputable company that understands the shear amount of water that can come off your home in the Pacific Northwest. We use a five inch or 6 inch gutter and make sure there is metal flashing over the siding in any area that water is likely to overflow the gutter system. The gutter contractor you choose needs to understand how to slope the gutters properly as well as how and where to use flashing to protect your home. Once siding get saturated it is damaged and needs to be replaced. Proper gutter installation can help to avoid this problem.

Gutter covers are not worth the cost. they all fail over time and cost a fortune to have installed. After a few years most of them do not even work and there is still needed gutter maintenance. We do not install gutter covers of any kind for our clients. It is not worth the cost since they will fail in the future.

Pacific Exteriors NW has been dealing with weather in the Pacific Northwest for many years. We understand how to make your gutter system work for you and keep your home safe from water.