Is it really worth the cost to weatherproof your home?

weatherproofingWe get this question a lot. To properly weatherproof an entire home can be quite expensive. The things that need to be done are:

  • High efficiency windows
  • High efficiency doors
  • Modern insulation
  • Siding with insulating factors
  • Waterproofing

If all of these things are done to weatherproof a home you can expect a 20-30% decrease in your heating and cooling bills.

Is that worth the cost?

It depends on the use of the home. If it is your “forever” home then yes it is worth the expense. Eventually you will get your investment back in lower heating and cooling bills. Also consider the lesser carbon footprint of your home if that is also important to you.

If it is a rental home, and you are not paying the heating and cooling bills then it might not be worth the expense. As always check with your tax advisor and see if there are other reasons that might justify the expense.

 Pacific Exteriors NW has been weatherproofing homes for many years. We are going to use the correct installation materials, and we stand behind our work.