What are Construction Defects?

What causes Construction Defects?

Construction DefectsA construction defect is anything that happens during the construction of your home that causes damage later. It can be anything from improper installation methods to using recalled materials. Here are some great examples:

  • Not properly flashing windows and doors during installation
  • Not properly flashing your roof during installation
  • Not installing enough roof vents for your home
  • Not properly installing your siding
  • Using a siding material not rated for our wet environment
  • Using a building material that has been recalled for any reason

These are just a few examples of things we have found on new homes – homes built within the past 10 years. When someone purchases a new home you expect that the contractors and all sub contractors new what they were doing when your home was under construction. The reality is that some (not all) contractors save money by not using the best materials and not installing everything up to current building standards.

The homeowner is the one that pays in the long run for the contractor to make more money on your project.

Do not fall victim to shoddy work on your new home. Get an Architectural Inspection done on the exterior envelope of your home preferably before you purchase. If you already own the home and find construction defects you might be able to go back the the contractor and have them pay to fix your home. Either way – Pacific Exteriors NW is qualified to repair any construction defects found in your home to mediate any further damage.

See a siding replacement project with construction defect damage. 

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