Siding Defects

What Causes Siding Defects?

Siding DefectsThe biggest cause of siding defects is improper installation. Another cause is using a siding product that is not rated for your exterior environment. Different siding products hold up to heat, cold, and moisture differently.

LP and EIFS Siding

Both LP and Stucco EIFS siding products have been in a lawsuit for water damage. Houses with these products almost always need the siding completely replaced. Some contractors will hide the damage to sell the home. This makes it invisible until it is too late. When the damage is not visible it is generally not a concern for the homeowner, and the home inspector generally does not call it out on the inspection.

Often Realtors will say you can caulk, paint, and seal the home and it will be fine – no worries. There goal is to sell you a home and move on. The homeowner is the one left with a huge expense of residing the home in the future and also fixing any water damage that has already happened.

In our wet environment using the proper siding materials is crucial for the longevity of your homes exterior.

Is your siding failing?