Deck Replacement

Decks are one of the features that homeowners love in the Portland and Vancouver metro areas. We live in a wetter climate but when it is nice here we love to be outside on our deck barbecuing or just enjoying the nice weather. Keeping the deck in nice condition requires work and the boards need replacing on occasion. However if the deck was not properly waterproofed when it was originally installed dry rot like this will happen.

decking dry rot

This deck was not properly waterproofed where it attaches to the home and has allowed water to get into the wood of the house. This has caused dry rot damage that has gone undetected for many years. Not only does dry rot eat away at your homes structural support, but it also makes your home an easy target for wood eating insects like termites. This will greatly speed up the damage caused by the initial water leaking behind the decking.

Structural Damage

All of this structural damage must be repaired before a new deck is constructed. It is very important to properly attach the deck to your home to prevent this kind of dry rot damage from ever occurring again.  Pacific Exteriors has the knowledge and expertise to properly install a deck correctly the first time so you will never have to experience your home rotting away. We also have the experience to fix this kind of damage so you will have the peace of mind that your home is now solid and will last for many years to come.

Deck Replacement

Deck Replacement

Learn more about a free exterior home inspection to find these kinds of damages early.

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